An attempt to see Dolphins

So yesterday for my mum’s birthday, we went out beyond Inverness to the Black Isle to see dolphins. We all squashed into the car for the 40 minutes drive from Nairn to the Black Isle and the weather was cloudy and windy with only a few patches of blue sky. To get there, you drive to Fortrose and you’ll see a sign for ‘Chanory Point.’ It was a very quaint wee town, surrounded by rolling countryside and mismatched coloured houses all squashed in and leaning over each other.


The point itself was no more than a lighthouse and a few benches but after months of city living, the bracing sea air was just what I needed.The best time to see the dolphins was after 11:30 when the tide turned so we got there just before 12.


There were about 20 people on the beach, some families with little kids, a few wildlife photographers with huge cameras and a couple of yappy dogs. When we actually saw them, there various squeals of excitement followed by the hushing of the photographers. We may have only seen a fin but it was still really exciting to see the local wildlife everyone raves about. There are usually about 3 dolphins but we only saw one.IMG_7363

For lunch, we drove to Cromarty to a cute wee cafe called ‘Couper’s Creek.’ Cromarty is a real artist haven; full of writers and painters in their quirky houses and tiny streets. I thought Cromarty was lovely; maybe in the future, it will somewhere I can come and write but who knows? Also, the Couper’s Creek does a lovely pulled pork panini but their cakes are huge! I could only manage half mine and I have an usually sweet tooth.

Overall, if you’re on holiday in or around Inverness, the Black Isle is definitely worth a visit. If you need any more advice on where to stay up here or where to eat in Inverness, send me a wee message.

Have any of you been on holiday in the Highlands? Any tips or experiences you can share?

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