City living:thoughts on identity and if it’s possible to ever truly belong

I know this isn’t strictly culture but I’ve officially moved to WordPress!!! and I can see what all the hype is about, it’s fantastic!!! 

This is first of my city living posts and what moving from the sticks to Scotland’s biggest city means to me. I realised yesterday that when I arrived everything about me spelled country bumpkin from my waiting at traffic lights to my strange fashion sense and  mismatched accent. 

In the midst of all this and moving to WordPress, I saw Erin, my oldest friend yesterday. We’ve known each other since I was 6 months old and she was a wee newborn. 


We went all the way through primary school and secondary school until I went away to boarding school when I was 15.  We still kept in touch but what we hadn’t realised was that we hadn’t had a proper catch up in about five years until yesterday. 

I gave her a tour of Glasgow, starting off by fangirling in Lakeland and John Lewis. We walked down Buchanan Street and into the Merchant City. I also showed her my college, where my partner lives and we walked all the way down to the Gorbals where my halls are. We even went round the co-op which is in a experience in itself!

As well as remiscing about 20 years of friendship, it got me thinking about what I was saying earlier about me being country bumpkin and now how much I knew about Glasgow and how much of a good tour guide I was. I couldn’t believe how much of a local I sounded. I also don’t have a Glaswegian accent so when I arrived, I assumed I would be an anomaly like everywhere else. But is there such a thing that makes someone belong in such a huge and diverse city? is it even possible? I honestly don’t know what suddenly fits you into the box of ‘a local.’ Is it your accent? Knowing wee details like how much the bus is or which bus to get on? Or having a football team to support? Where abouts are you from? Do you have any thoughts on what makes someone a local?

9 thoughts on “City living:thoughts on identity and if it’s possible to ever truly belong

  1. Loved the post I like the way you talk about identity- you seemed a true local to me!
    Also love the new lay out of WordPress… good decision!
    Looking forward to our next catch up xxx

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  2. I think for me it would be the same as when a Singapore citizen enters Malaysia. Everything in Singapore is so urban and modernized, when we visit rural Malaysia we feel so out of place and we even get self-conscious of how we’re dressed! The difference is totally obvious! xo

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  3. Yay! You are on WordPress! I’m so happy!

    I love that you were giving your friend a tour of Glasgow, you basically gave me one on my applicant day @ Strathclyde and certainly know your way around more than me, ha ha!

    Your friend sounds lovely and how beautiful that you have been friends for so long ❤ definitely a friendship to treasure!

    Lots of love
    Charlene McElhinney

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