Book Review: The Snow Garden by Rachel Joyce 

You’re probably all beginning to get the message: Rachel Joyce is one of my absolute favourite authors at the moment and there come a day when I’ve blogged about all her books and you will be sick of hearing about her. If you read ‘The Snow Garden’, you’ll understand why I’m such a huge fan.

It’s a book of seven short stories set between Christmas and New Year. The structure of both the book and the stories are very linear:  there are two stories set on Christmas Eve, two on Christmas Day, one on Boxing Day, one in that inbetween stage and two at New Day, the last one being on New Years Eve. These seven powerful stories are linked by a common theme: they’re all about characters Joyce describes as ‘walk on parts’ in her other books and they all drift in and out of each other’s lives. They’re also linked by this image of a girl in a red coat walking through snow and surronded by animals. (See picture.) They all interpret it differently which I think is the same for all the different themes in the book: love, family, marriage and Christmas.

I think because Joyce was a playwright for radio, she knows in great depth how to really diffrentaiate between her characters and make them unique. She also excels in making you feel something very profound and expresses feelings you didn’t even know you had until you read her work.

This is such a beautiful book of short stories and definetly worth the read.

Has anyone read this? Or got any other short stories collections that they’d recommend?

I’m just off for a interview at college for a marketing course and I’m so nervous 😬 I’ll let you know how it’s goes!

7 thoughts on “Book Review: The Snow Garden by Rachel Joyce 

  1. I really need to read this book. Not only you write it in a very appealing way but I do love storyline that takes place between chrismast and new year. I find it its very magical.


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