Climbing Ben Lomond, my first Munro

So on Sunday, the most unoutdoorsy person ever aka me attempted to climb my first Munro. I’m really not very good in the outdoors and nothing, not years of Outdoor Expeditions and Duke of Edinburgh award could change this, no matter how hard they tried. I just have bad memories of blisters and camping in the rain. This however, was a whole other kettle of fish.

I was inspired by two quotes to do this. 

I just feel that life can be so short and I’m worried I may not always the time and energy to do this kind of thing. So with these quotes in mind my partner and I set off on Sunday at 7:45 and we arrived at Ben Lomond at about 9. It’s about an hour drive from Glasgow depending on where you’re staying and how you’re getting about.

It was quite cool when we reached the car park (see above) and there was so much mist and my partner and I were both really worried that we wouldn’t get good views. We set off with all the other really keen outdoorsy walkers and by the time we were a mile or 2, I got my glimpse of the view and it took my breath away.

You can see how much the mist had cleared. The next 8 or so miles were very very hard work. It was a steep and grueling climb, I won’t lie. 90% of the people we passed over and over again were finding it just as hard as I was. You have NO idea how many mint humbugs I went through and badly renditions of hymns I sang to keep me going when it got really really hard. Another thing that I found so heartwarming was seeing all the different types of people and how they all helped each other and cheered each other on. My favourite thing was seeing a Dad and his two wee kids, a boy, and girl make it all the way to the top and back down without shedding a tear. They were both under 12 and you can see their dad teaching them about all the foliage and mountains and insects as they walked. It was so heartwarming and it made me see how good the great outdoors is for you.

When we got to the top, we didn’t go right to the cairn because it felt like a tourist attraction to me. There were about 30 loud people all on a tiny bit of land and two dogs yapping at each other and after climbing all that way, I was looking for a bit of peace to enjoy the views and not have to worry about being cramped. This is my good photo from the top:

And this is my partners photo’s on the slideshow below.  He insisted on taking lots of photos of me on our many breaks so I progressively get more and more red as they gone on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The descent was easier for a bit but by the end, it was killing my ankles and my toes. After I did silver duke of Edinburgh, two of my toenails went a funny indigo shade and fell off and I really didn’t want that to happen again! It hasn’t happened yet but I’ll be really sad if it does.

After we were down back in the car park, we drove to the nearest village for an ice cream as a reward. That evening, we celebrated our successes by going to Harvester in Braehead and playing the worst crazy golf this end of the Clyde!  And I may be the human equivalent of a hobbit but it was completely and totally worth every second. As Kerouac said “Now go climb that goddam mountain'”

10 thoughts on “Climbing Ben Lomond, my first Munro

  1. The views are amazing! I would love to climb mountains too but idk if I’ll ever make it cos I get breathless real easily. xo

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  2. You have made me want to go and climb a mountain! I feel like such a disappointment that I haven’t ventured to Ben Lomond and I’m twenty years of age – I’ve got to add it to my bucket list! Your photos are mesmerising! Truly beautiful view you both have captured! Memories to treasure forever ❤

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  3. This sounds like an amazing day! I love walking and I’m hoping to climb Mount Snowdon this summer. You must have had such a feeling of accomplishment at the end. Well done!

    Lisa |

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