Art Gallery Review: The National Gallery in Edinburgh

A few months ago, my Godmother decided to give my partner and I tickets to go and see the play of Jane Eyre in Edinburgh with her. So yesterday, my partner and I got on an early express train and headed over to Edinburgh.  I’m going to write a review of Jane Eyre separately so keep an eye out for that. We had a coffee in the Princes Street Gardens when we arrived and decided to go and have a look at the National Gallery of Art.

Above is the view from the Princes Street Garden looking across to Edinburgh Waverly Station and the Balmoral Hotel.  

It was free and full of both tourists and locals and I’d really recommend a visit if you’re in Edinburgh and the weather isn’t great. There are so many rooms full of Italian renaissance paintings and gothic paintings but the best bit for me was the room full of impressionist paintings. Although there was a rather large group of people all sitting on white chairs, blocking half of the room meaning I couldn’t see all the pictures, I got enough of a look to be content. I loved the Van Gogh’s in particular as I love his use of colour and always captures the beauty and soul of his subject matter.  I was also very excited to discover a tiny sculpture by Rodin himself and one painting by Cezanne and one by Monet. These were my favourites from that room:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the whole, I found the museum very friendly and welcoming with the staff always ready to answer any questions or queries. It’s easy to walk to and has a whole wealth of art, not matter what you’re into. I haven’t been to the cafe downstairs but I imagine you’d receive a warm welcome.  It’s definitely worth visit if you’re in Edinburgh and have an keen interest in art or just looking for something a bit different.

Have you been here before? What’s the best art gallery you’ve been to?


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