10 things about me

I know I haven’t been blogging as much recently. I’ve been really busy finishing college work and packing to go home next week. I put out a Twitter poll last week and the result was:


I sometimes forget I haven’t always been speed walking around the streets of Glasgow in my colorful clothes and red bandana and that I’ve had a very interesting ride to get here which I’m sure I’ll talk more about as time goes on. So this is me:IMG_7467 2

And here are ten very random facts about me.

1.I’m about to turn 20 this month but due to the fact I don’t wear make-up, everyone assumes I’m a lot younger and I’m told this is a good thing but I’m not so sure…

2.I’ve written one book which I’m currently in the process of trying to get published and I’m writing a second one at the moment as well as working on a book of short stories. I’ve wanted to be a writer all my life and Roxy, the heroine of my current work in progress has been in existence since I was 11.

3.I’m a huge Great Gastby fan and an even bigger Tolkien fan and I can quote the films word for word and the books are very tattered and dogeared.

4.At the moment live in the Gorbals in Glasgow in student halls but hopefully next year I’m moving out to the West End.

5. I spent four years at a Boarding School in Scotland (more on that some other time) so I’ve basically spent the past 6 years living in two places.  It’s also meant I’ve moved around A LOT.

6. My absolute favourite band is called Bears Den. I’ve been a fan of them since I was 15 and last November I got to see them live after about four or fives years of waiting.  They’re the best band ever. I also love Scottish Folk music for when I’m writing.

7. I would love my current work in progress to one day have illustrations but I cannot draw to save my life, so next year I plan on taking an art class in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow.

8. I’ve never been to a nightclub and I never will. I’m also almost completely teetotal. Instead, I love eating out, going bowling or going to the cinema but a perfect night in for me is with my Partner, eating a really tasty home cooked meal and having a cider in front of a Game of Thrones, preferably in my onesie.

9.Living in a city has made me want to be more outdoorsy and so far this year I’ve climbed a Munro and been wild camping and considering I usually avoid being outdoorsy at all costs, this is a real achievement for me.

10. Due to point 5 on this list, I’m so excited about having somewhere I can finally settle and nest next year. I love cooking for people and I’m an exceedingly homely person and I love making things feel homely with plants, cushions, books, photos and fresh flowers.

Anything else you would like to know for next time? Have you ever done a list like this?

6 thoughts on “10 things about me

  1. Loved this list of facts about you (even though I already knew the majority of them) hehe! This is a great insight into your personality and life chick and loads of people will find this super interesting ❤ xxx


  2. I learnt so much about you through this post and now feel as if I know you. I love these posts and so happy you did it too. You seem so nice and friendly too which is great.

    Steph xx


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