This Side of Paradise Review

So I’m on a mission to read all four of F.Scott.Fitzgerald’s finished novels and the Love of the last tycoon which is unfinished, by Christmas. As I’m a huge huge fan, hopefully that won’t be a problem. However, judging by what I read in ‘This Side of Paradise’, his work is really depressing. I don’t think he’s ever given anyone a happy ending, ever. Now, I understand why it’s such a famous book as it’s gave us the first insight into a lost generation just after the war. If it hadn’t been for him, the generation would have become extinct completely in the decade between the end of the war and the Wall Street crash. It depicts aimslessly drifting as well as the feeling that a whole generation felt as they tried to find their place in a changing world. It was a bit like Catcher in the Rye in a way; capturing the pulse of a broken but dynamic generation.  Character wise, Amory did bug me after a bit but I could understand why he felt like he did. I also with there had been more fleshed out minor characters as none of them were memorable apart from Rosalind. 

Also, there is very little of a structural plot so if you’re looking for something with a good linear story, this isn’t for you. I also found the form very difficult, it kept changing from book to letter to poem to play and back again. Not easy to follow at all. But still, if you’re a fan, it’s definetly worth the read. It gives such insight into who Fitzgerald felt he was and who he luckily didn’t become. And it wooed Zelda enough to marry him so she must have been very impressed by it. Rating=3/5*

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