2018 resolutions and goals

I love that January is named after Janus, the Roman God of doorways and new beginnings. Traditionally, he had two heads, one for looking forward and one for looking back. I think we all feel a bit like that, one part of us is always going forward but the other is torn to look back.

Now 2018 is really here, instead of going back, I’m trying to go forward. I don’t know what 2018 holds but it certainly will be exciting.

I think this is a great C.S Lewis quote as it reminds us, that we must go forward into the new year, rather than being like Janus and constantly looking back.

So, my three New Years resolutions are:

1. Cook a roast chicken dinner

2. Go to a least one session of the Glasgow Uni swing and jazz dance society (cause I’ve always wanted to be able to dance like I’m at one of Gatsby’s parties.)

3. Learn to drive. There’s only so much public transport I can endure.

I also have a few things I want to achieve in January such as bake bread from scratch, go to the see the product of Swan Lake with the ballet troupe from St Peterburg and learn to paint with acrylics. Also, trying to get back to blogging twice a week. My next post is going to be on my Goodreads challenge this year and what I’ve got planned.

I know they’re slightly obscure goals but I want to achieve something different. I’ve always got the idea I couldn’t drive or dance in such a tricky way due to my dyspraxia and it was made clear to me at high school I was hopeless at art. I believe we can achieve anything we put our minds too. And with that, do you have any New Years resolutions? Goals for January?

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